Holland Casino’s giant roulette experience


No matter how exciting an experiential marketing stunt is, it can often be an extremely hard task to cut through the noise in a busy location and gain the attention of passers-by for more than a split second. These days, there’s always somewhere that people need to be.

When Holland Casino wanted to promote the message ‘everyone’s a player’, it decided to take to Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam – not the most sure-fire location for stopping people in their tracks.

TramRoulette image1.jpg

However, Holland Casino was clever enough to ensure its stunt was impossible to ignore.

In playful fashion, it transformed a tram stop into a roulette table and made the tram into the game ball, by simply sticking a circle on to the side of it. Bringing commuters into the heart of the stunt, it gave them the chance to be real-life chips by standing in the square that they predicted the circle on the tram would align with when it stopped.

TramRoulette image2.jpg

Adding excitement to the life-size game, Holland Casino offered prizes to the winners, presented by two brand ambassadors who were there to conduct the game.

By integrating the activation with the daily routine of those catching the tram, Holland Casino was successfully able to gain consumers’ attention without distracting them from what they were doing, or needing to use up any precious time.

This stunt reminds us of Carlsberg’s ultimate taxi ride experience. Both campaigns understood consumer’s routines and enhanced personal experiences. Because of this, both activations undoubtedly prompted ongoing brand love.

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