Helping Watercare Services Engage at the Water NZ Conference & Expo


Watercare Services Limited tasked Because to create an educating and engaging stand at the Water NZ Conference and Expo.

Hamilton’s Claudelands Arena was abuzz with energy and enthusiasm for all things water, with the conference and expo bringing together industry leaders to showcase innovation, discuss best practice, and celebrate excellence.

Watercare Services were one of the main sponsors, so creating an expo stand that stood out and truly engaged attendees was their mission.

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Their objectives included: 

  • Driving awareness of the Watercare brand by delivering a more engaging stand that attracts conference attendees
  • Driving quality engagement with attendees through various activities delivered over the three-day conference
  • Driving positive perceptions of the Watercare brand as well as the quality of tap water available in Auckland
  • Delivering some important industry messages on water efficiency, the value of water and other key messages

We created a a slick and professional looking expo stand for Watercare, as well as a bespoke interactive “Waterwall”. This “Waterwall” was hand illustrated and showed the journey (or complete process) of Auckland water from source to tap – and from there it truly came to life! We created an augmented reality type of journey where guests would hold up a tablet and follow a water droplet that would trigger videos, content, images and voiceovers to create an engaging and educational pathway to discover how Watercare provides safe and clean drinking water to Aucklanders.

Using the technology of AR plus the appeal of the brilliant looking stand, we were able to drive engagement with attendees, creating positive awareness around the brand and water as a whole. The content of the AR was our secret to delivering important messaging as quickly and as effectively as possible. 


We ensured the stand elements and Waterwall were all reusable and also able to be developed further with different/updated content, including animation etc. so you could say it was “future-proofed” AND sustainable.

We loved working with Watercare Services Limited to create something truly memorable, forward thinking, and help achieve the objectives of the company at this specific conference.

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I'm an award-winning radio marketer and event producer having created some of the largest events and activations for the biggest brands in New Zealand. I'm passionate about brands engaging with their consumers and stakeholders through magical experiences, with seamless delivery.