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Zang Chocolate’s piggyback taxi service

By Joss Davidge | 2015-04-02

Cape Town food brand ZANG gave the local public a pick-me-up in more ways than one to promote its new caffeinated chocolate bars.


To launch their ‘pick-me-up’ product, ZANG created a campaign that translated the product’s energy-boosting features into a physical experience for consumers.


Enlisting the help of masked wrestlers or ‘luchadores’, they offered free piggyback rides to customers who were in need of a lift.

Rather than dialling for a taxi, passengers in need of a ride simply request free transportation between locations on the back of a luchador. Acknowledging the prevalence of mobile and social media in its target market’s lives, ZANG integrated a digital experience. Participants could tweet for a #ZANGLIFT to @ZangChocolate to hail a ride from various locations.

We love this fun taxi concept, and a similar idea is featured in our April Fools’ Day round up this week! Take a look at more quirky taxi-themed activations for more inspiration:

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