Great Experiential Marketing: Veuve Clicquot’s post office party

By Joss Davidge |

Inspiration, Alcohol, USA

Champagne brand Veuve Clicquot  celebrated its new mailbox-shaped metal cooler sleeve ‘the Clicquot Mail’ in style with a quirky experiential launch party.


As a nod to the new sleeve’s mailbox design, which can keep a bottle cool for as many as two hours, Veuve Clicquot transformed an empty studio in New York into a post-office, with intricate and tongue-in-check references to mail, letters and postmen. 

A bank of postal pigeon holes was set up across one wall where guests could help themselves to mini sandwiches and desserts. And just opposite was a post office counter where guests could have their champagne flutes topped up.clicquot_veuve_brand_experience_experiential_marketing_2

In line with the mail theme, guests could also send a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label to a friend simply by filling out postcards and depositing them at the specially created booths.clicquot_veuve_brand_experience_experiential_marketing_3clicquot_veuve_brand_experience_experiential_marketing_4

The mail accents were not limited to décor only; we particularly love that a selection of the mailmen dressed waiters acted as on-site messengers, delivering personalised note cards from one guest to another from their branded mail bags – basically old school texting! And emblazoned across many of the collateral and touches was #CLICQUOTMAIL for social sharing.clicquot_veuve_brand_experience_experiential_marketing_5clicquot_veuve_brand_experience_experiential_marketing_6

The experiential marketing event, which boasted a champagne truck parked up on the entrance, also marked the start of the brand’s truck tour. The tour will see Veuve Clicquot serving up Yellow Label to champagne lovers from a wagon throughout the US.

Branded truck tours are a nice way of getting people talking about your brand; they essentially serve as a moving billboard, so potential reach is vast. Did you see New Orleans Tourism’s sensory food truck that we were talking about last week?