Turkish Airlines’ tram full of basketballs


As a nice way of celebrating its sponsorship of Euroleague Basketball, Turkish Airlines got people talking using a tram full of basketballs.


In the run up to the Euroleague Final four being hosted in Milan, the basketball-filled tram travelled through the busy streets of the Italian capital for the Turkish Airlines’ ‘Play The Game’ activation.  The campaign offered Milan residents the opportunity to win a free holiday to Istanbul if they could guess how many basketballs were in the tram.  

With over 2200 basketballs inside the tram it was no mean feat!Turkish_Airlines_2Turkish_Airlines_3

This experiential marketing campaign received an impressive response; over 5,000 eager contestants submitted their guesses on the airline’s website.

After all the guesses had been submitted, Turkish Airlines parked the tram up on one of Milan’s busiest spots – Cathedral Square – and created quite the stir by giving away all of the basketballs to lucky passers-by. And to top it all off, the airline organised a ‘drop-in’ Basketball game for people to partake in or watch.

Campaigns with a competition element are an excellent means of getting people talking about your brand – did you see Tourism Tasmania’s giant game of musical chairs, or what about Jamba Juice’s dance-off on YouTube?

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