The North Face ‘Never Stop Exploring’ changing rooms experience


Adventure brand The North Face stayed true to its ethos ‘Never Stop Exploring’ by transforming its changing rooms into a real life Arctic challenge.


Customers in South Korea were stunned when they entered a fitting room to try on an item of clothing and got a bit more than they bargained for.

Unsuspecting customers entered into the changing room, which actually served as a rotating portal into a whole other room. In this unexpected chamber, the retailer provided its customers with a fun brand experience, where they were able to embark on an adventure.

They were faced with various tasks, including using a pickaxe to free high-performance outdoor gear from a large block of ice, and throwing snowballs at a spherical container to free more gear, all of which they could keep afterwards.

By orchestrating this fun experiential marketing stunt, The North Face aligned itself with a sense of fun and adventure and successfully communicated its brand messaging to its target audience.

Pop-up shops are always a nice way of evoking a sense of intrigue and curiosity in your target audience; an incongruous pop-up will always spark a sense of curiosity in passers-by which implores them to enter.

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