Great Experiential Marketing: Coca-Cola’s valentine vending


They say that two heads are better than one and it seems that Coca-Cola supports this twosome loving rule of thumb.


This year for Valentine’s Day, Coca-Cola created an ‘invisible’ vending machine which appeared only when couples walked by.

For those wandering along the road two-by-two Noah’s ark-style, the previously bare wall became a huge animated projection giving them a cupid-struck visual experience. The vending machine even asked the names of lovebirds, and then printed them onto Coca-Cola cans as tasty keepsakes of the experience.This is a great example of a brand really getting into the spirit of Valentine’s, and it’s exactly the kind of innovative, unusual experiential marketing campaign that Coke has become known for. The risk of upsetting thirsty singletons aside, this is clever, personalised marketing that delivers a positive vibe to those involved, and their extended networks.coca_cola_invisible_vending_machine_experiential_marketing_brand_experience_2

Coca-Cola is big on vending machine activations. In the past the brand has created everything from a happiness vending machine that dished out an assortment of items from flowers to pizza, to a 007 vending machine that challenged users to carry out a series of quests in exchange for tickets to the James Bond movie Skyfall. There was even a vending machine in Singapore that gave out Coke when it was given a cuddle, and one in Costa Rico that accepted smiles as currency.Unique vending machines are becoming more and more popular as a form of effective brand marketing, and in the past we’ve given you the lowdown on Sony’s Bottled Walkman vending machine and Douwe Egberts yawn activated coffee machine to name a few.

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