Great Experiential Marketing: Strauss’ hidden treasure


Summer may be well behind us, but this beach brand experience from ice cream purveyor Strauss has got us reminiscing about those hazy summer days.


With all the incessant digging at the beach, the little ‘uns seem to always be on a quest to find some buried treasure. Do they know something we don’t?

It’s likely that they don’t – alas, their digging is often to no avail.brand_experience_experiential_marketing_Strauss__Hidden_Treasure_2

However, on a beach in Israel this summer, ice cream brand Strauss made their dreams come true by rewarding them with buried treasure chests. And not just any old treasure chests –ice cream-filled treasure chests!

Earlier that day (6am!) a group of Strauss brand ambassadors got to work rendering the beach laden with these ice cream-filled treasure chests. And just hours later, as predicted, the children got to work too spade in hand.

The amazing discoveries resulted in some very excitable children, and the great experience and surprise from Strauss will no doubt create formidable brand connections with them. With this heart-warming brand experience, the brand cleverly reinforced itself as provider of delight and joy.brand_experience_experiential_marketing_Strauss__Hidden_Treasure_3brand_experience_experiential_marketing_Strauss__Hidden_Treasure_4

In our eyes, surprising and delighting is at the heart of experiential marketing. Creating a surprising, off-beat brand experience like this is a brilliant way to generate positive brand connections.  By making consumers feel that they are part of something special you can turn a one-off campaign or stunt into to long-term relationship. 

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