Great experiential marketing: Samsung’s sleek launch parties


Samsung hosted a series of hands-on launch parties for its latest smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge in Los Angeles and New York this April. 


Guests could experiment with the devices in sleek environments inspired by the phone’s design.

The spaces were decked out in a predominantly black, white, and grey colour palette with metallic textures, and jewel-toned lighting evocative of the S6’s screen.

But of course Samsung went a lot further than just mere nods to the phone’s design. Each event kicked off with a dinner that was cleverly orchestrated to get a select group of influencers to interact with the phones.


Guests found Samsung phones where place cards would be on a mirrored table. They had to use the devices to order dinner prepared by top chefs.

In addition to the custom-made dinners, guests learned about the S6 in mirrored, cube-shaped pods that highlighted its standout features. The interior featured streaming digital graphics for a high-tech feel, and brand ambassadors were on hand to demonstrate perks like the S6’s wireless charging and photo-taking capabilities.


Finishing off the nights, Samsung treated guests to sets by Disclosure in New York and Chromeo in Los Angeles.

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