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Great Experiential Marketing: Pay with lovin’ at McDonalds

By Joss Davidge

As part of a drive to rejuvenate its “I’m lovin’ it” tagline, McDonalds launched a heartfelt campaign around Super Bowl and Valentines’ Day.


As of February the 2nd and up until Valentine’s Day, participating McDonald’s stores around the US accepted a new form of payment: Lovin’.  This initiative by the fast food giant allowed random customers in McDonald’s restaurants to pay with love instead of money.McDonalds_pay_with_lovin_2

Lovin’ could be expressed in a variety of ways; from “I love you” phone calls to their mothers, doing a little dance on the spot, to exchanging fist bumps with cashiers, participating customers received their meals free of charge.

A series of fun and touching moments filled with hugs, love, laughter, and cheers from onlookers and staff followed.

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