Great Experiential Marketing: Lenovo snaps MacBooks


Lenovo may have riled its rival Apple slightly with this stunt that highlighted the Lenovo Yoga laptop’s ability to bend backwards…


In a fun collaboration with comedy group UCB comedy, the electronics brand promoted its new laptop’s unique selling point by breaking MacBooks in front of customers.

“You see, the Yoga can bend backwards – the MacBook can’t.” As if a verbal confirmation wasn’t enough, the Lenovo salesman attempts to bend the MacBook backwards, only to snap the device in half to the shock of his customers, and seemingly himself.

And to add insult to injury, the supposed salesmen fled the scene leaving his customers falsely accused for the damage by security.

Of course, it is eventually all revealed to these poor customers that it was all just a prank that to demonstrate the new model’s bendy credentials.

‘Prankvertising’ is still a key tactic used in the marketing sphere – indeed, we were talking about the growing trend of pranks in our 2014 global trends piece – take a look for some remarkable examples from 2014.

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