Great Experiential Marketing: Lay’s human claw grabber machine


This beauty of a live brand activation from Lay’s emerged this month, and it’s got everybody talking.


Lay’s, the crisp brand also known as Walkers here in the UK, installed this pop-up claw crane machine in Japan, where people could actually climb inside the machine and grab the goods themselves.

Indeed, in this nostalgia-evoking experiential campaign, the brand recreated one of our favourite childhood games. A young child is strapped to a large crane in this adaptation and is lowered into a mountain of packets of crisps. They would then have to try and grab as many bags as possible.

This ingenious idea is a nice spin on the normal arcade machines, where actually grabbing your prize was a rare occurrence. In this take, the prizes are multiple.

Bring this to the UK, Walkers – we want a go!

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