Great Experiential Marketing: L’Oréal makes girls cry


It’s not often that making a room full of girls cry can be hailed as a strong example of experiential marketing. lorealtears

But this teary stunt from L’Oréal shows a cinema full of ladies clutching their popcorn and dabbing at their eyes with tissues as they watch a film. Tears are shown falling down the movie-goers’ faces as they watch the tragic romance unfold.

L’Oréal pulled off this stunt, which involved 100 women having their make-up (including L’Oréal waterproof mascara) done by beauty experts before the film.Cry_2

The women were photographed before and after the movie in a bold attempt to show off the benefits of the brand’s waterproof mascara.

You can see the teary-eyed results below:


The video boasts that there was 195 minutes of movie, 162 minutes of tears, and the results of the before-and-after photos of still-perfect lashes speak for themselves.

Although the film itself isn’t mentioned, the description of a ‘romantic story of an impossible love’ featuring ‘a ship that sinks after hitting an iceberg’ gives the viewer a good idea of which chick-flick the brand played to get these girls to well up.

We love campaigns where brands utilise the power of the big screen to get people talking, fromTanqueray’s Bus Stop Cinema’s to Mazda’s in-cinema ‘test drive’ campaign which let movie-goers use their smartphones to ‘drive’ around a course.

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