Great Experiential Marketing: KLM’s live high five


What if you were in Amsterdam and you could high five someone in New York?


Despite the 3641 miles and an ocean between them, Amsterdammers and New Yorkers were challenged by KLM to work together to master the perfect high five. The champion high-fivers won return KLM tickets to either Amsterdam or New York.


This experiential marketing activation, which was part of KLM’s World Deal Week campaign, was made possible by KLM installing two interactive, HD video and audio installations in the centres of both Amsterdam and New York. The two were connected so that participants in both Amsterdam and New York could interact in real time.


The high fives were judged by the computer for timing and precision, and when the perfect high five was mastered, KLM hostesses were on hand to present larger-than-life tickets to the winners.

This was a well-thought out and executed marketing campaign from KLM; the digital element that connected people in New York and Amsterdam was a nice nod to how the airline physically connects people around the world. And with its high five concept, KLM took the universally recognised sign for celebration and success and aligned it positively with its brand.

We’ve seen plenty of other experiential marketing activations that require participants to work as a team. We particularly like Milka’s vending machine that required passers-by to hold hands in order to activate it.

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