International culinary center’s ‘edible handbag’


Ever been so hungry that you felt like you could eat your handbag? With Easter just gone, many of us were tucking into large quantities of chocolate last weekend.


Bearing this in mind we thought we’d bring your attention to this brilliant foody experiential prank. Conceived and orchestrated by the International Culinary Center earlier this year, the stunt was pulled off on a subway train in New York.


The esteemed International Culinary Center is willing to go to great lengths to promote its classes– the school placed a model on the NY subway proudly carrying what appears to be a Chanel handbag. But to the shock of the unsuspecting commuters, moments later the woman nonchalantly takes a few bites into her beautiful shiny bag.

Although it isn’t immediate, the onlookers do eventually cotton on that the handbag is in fact an immaculately designed chocolate cake.

The result of this stunt was this brilliant viral video – take a look and make sure you watch until the end:

We’ve spoken before about the value of marketing to commuters – in a sense, commuters have nowhere else to go or look. As a captive audience, they ultimately have no option but to pay attention to your experiential stunt. Commuters are also a really diverse audience, from all walks of life, meaning that these campaigns have to have mass shock value and appeal.

We love writing about experiential marketing stunts that cleverly target commuters – have you seen our posts on Duracell’s Moment of Warmth, National Geographic’s Terrifying Escalator Ad or Apotek Hjärtat’s Hair-Raising Poster Campaign?

And we’re no stranger ourselves to experiential campaigns on trains; last year we helped Yorkshire Tea put together ‘The Yorkshire Tea Train’ event on the Orient Express.

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