Great Experiential Marketing: IKEA’s furnished climbing wall

IKEA’s off-the-wall experiential marketing campaign has got everyone at Because talking this week…


To promote the opening of France’s 30th IKEA store, the Swedish furniture company installed a vertical rock climbing wall covered with IKEA furniture in Clermont-Ferrand.IkeaFrance3.jpg

IKEA’s experiential marketing activation in the heart of the French city comprised a nine metre tall wall, decorated just like a showroom, only flipped on its side. Hand grips and steps were installed on the artificial wall for climbing purposes, and passers-by were invited to climb it, with a safety harness and guidance from a professional.IkeaFrance2.jpg

This was a super creative and effective way for IKEA to not only build chatter about the brand, but with the furniture being used to support participants’ weight, it also proved the sturdiness of its goods in a fun and interactive way.


IKEA has been on top form with its experiential marketing in recent years, did you see its partnership with Airbnb, or how about its social catalogue?