Great Experiential Marketing: Fuhu’s magician enlarges iPads


One week, Lenovo is snapping MacBooks, and now Fuhu has employed a magician to enlarge people’s iPads. Poor Apple.


Indeed, Fuhu, the brand behind the giant new Nabi tablets, which come in 24,32,43,55 and 65-inch versions, got famous magician Adam Trent on board to transform people’s iPads into (what Fuhu believes to be) much bigger and better versions.

He was stationed outside the glass-box Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York, chatting to people about their brand new iPads.  We can’t explain exactly what he does after this – as, well, it’s magic – but he somehow rolls it on a table and the iPad quadruples in size, because according to Trent: “bigger is better”.

In a bid to also tout the Nabis’ superior resolution, Trent also pretends to pull strawberries out of the popular video game Fruit Ninja.

There were some amazing reactions to his stunts – we think our favourite is where one guy just RUNS AWAY. Does he come back? Or is he still running to this day? We’ll never know. And you’ve got to love the little kid who tells Trent to take back some of these strawberries because he just can’t handle them anymore.

If you liked this idea, take a look at Lenovo’s stunt where they snapped MacBooks in front of customers.

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