Great Experiential Marketing: Disney’s side shadows


Ever seen Mickey Mouse partake in a dance-off? Well now you have…


In the midst of one of New York’s harshest ever winters, Disney was on hand in Long Island to thaw the frostiness with its magical ‘Disney Side’ stunt. 

As part of the brand’s #DisneySide campaign that aims to bring out everyone’s side that laughs more, plays more, and just has more fun, Disney surprised shoppers in a mall with shadows of easily recognisable Disney characters that mimicked and interacted with passers-by.

After all the larking about, the doors open and everyone’s favourite Disney characters step forward surprising shoppers and kids who greet them with gasps, hugs and smiles. 

We loved the attention to detail in this experiential stunt.  The name and date on the “store” was such a great touch; little touches like these are absolutely key to creating magical and memorable brand experiences.

And we were all VERY impressed by Mickey being able to move so fluidly in his big dress shoes too. What skills!

Take a look at more experiential genius from Disney in our blog post all about the Frozen ‘Have A Go At Let It Go’ sing-along events.

And just last week, we featured Dentiste’s Kissing Silhouette Booth which also made use of shadows to create an interactive experience. 

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