Great Experiential Marketing: DENTISTE’s kissing silhouette booth


Toothpaste brand Dentiste concluded that Japanese folk tend to be a tad shy about expressing their feelings.


In response to this finding, the brand constructed a “Kissing Booth” in a Tokyo mall that encouraged passers-by to express their love.The booth was actually a large light box that casted silhouettes inside the box, allowing for the shadows of their displays of affection to be seen and applauded by passers-by in the mall.

Each couple were given their kissing silhouette photo as a memory of the day, which could be posted instantly on social media.

The novelty of the activation, which beautifully framed their special moments in a greeting card like frame, encouraged people to take part.

Tying the activation in with the brand’s product, the viral video ends by effectively telling its customers not to hold back on expressing feelings out of fear of bad breath; “Kiss your love, with fresh breath”.

Here at Because we are big fans of campaigns that not only build brand love, but also encourage consumers to express their love for each other. Take a look at this week’s other blog, Cupid Drone, if you do too. And did you see McDonald’s Pay With Lovin’ campaign last week, or how about its ‘couples only’ vending machine?

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