Cupidrone distributes roses from the sky


Love was literally in the air in this Valentine’s stunt from the Flower Council of Holland. 


The Flower Council of Holland deployed a drone that flew above the streets of Verona and dropped roses for unsuspecting passers-by, dubbed Cupidrone.


Flying over the home of the world’s most famous couple, Rome and Juliet, the drone was specifically developed for Valentine’s Day, and targeted enamored couples and ‘lonely souls’.

When Cupidrone spotted its target, it dropped a red rose – ‘delivered by stealth’. Such stealth in fact it could potentially be a slight downfall of this brand experience; whilst this was a really nice idea, as far as we can see it is not apparent to the recipient who was responsible for their heartfelt gift.

It is really only the subsequent and explanatory viral video that aligns the brand with the activation. Amongst various other components, key to any brand experience is, well, branding…

Nevertheless, The Council proved that the traditional and ancient token of love – a red rose – still does its job perfectly in 2015 and that flowers still have a very special effect on people.

2014 saw The Council spread love around an equally as romantic city, Paris, with 1,500 little red emergency boxes. ‘In Case of Love at First Sight’, Parisians could break the glass and help themselves to a rose.


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