Cuban taxi surprise from Transat Holidays


Despite the urge to scream ‘eyes on the road!’ to the ever-so care-free driver, we absolutely loved this campaign from Transat Holidays.


Breaking up the usual sea of yellow, a bright blue traditional Cuban cab graced the streets of Toronto recently. The Canadians that opted for a ride were not only able to sample a little slice of Cuban life that comprised maracas, Cuban musicians and a conga line, but were also rewarded generously.


After picking up his customers, the super friendly and warm driver – who went by the name of Antonio Banderas – saw two of his friends on the street and invited them in for the journey, creating what he dubbed ‘a Cuban sandwich’.

One of his amigos came equipped with Cuban guitar, and the other with maracas and so followed a traditional Cuban musical performance – all in the back of a cab. En route, the cab stumbled upon a conga line, and the driver encouraged his passengers to join in.


After all the excitement and entertainment, the driver finally rewarded his customers with a free all-inclusive holiday to Cuba – through the medium of music of course. Samba-related celebrations ensue…

This isn’t the first taxi experiential activation that we’ve come across – just a few weeks ago we were talking about PlayStations pay-by-song taxi, and an old favourite of ours is Nissan’s ‘World’s Cheapest Taxi’, which touted the benefits of its cost-efficient Nissan Leaf cars.

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