Great Experiential Marketing: Contrex’s projected strip tease


This racy marketing campaign from mineral water brand Contrex not only got its desired audience talking, but got them all hot and bothered too.


The Nestlé-owned brand, which has positioned itself as the ultimate slimming partner for the female market, used projection mapping of a man strip teasing to motivate them to pedal faster on their exercise bikes.

The brand displayed a row of exercise bikes on the stairs facing a historic building in France. Inquisitive passers-by would soon discover that the bikes powered a 3D Projection Mapping display of a male stripper. To see just how far he would go, the participants had to stomp the pedals as fast as they could.

After a certain amount of time he does go all the way, but hides his dignity with an informative placard letting the ladies know they’d just burned 2000 calories.contrex_3

A sexy campaign like this is certainly one way to get people talking. Even PowerActiv has been to known to use a sex-driven marketing campaign to drive sales for its toilet cleaner: take a look at our blog post on Power Activ’s topless toilet serenade.

Mineral water is a great product around which to coordinate a fun experiential marketing activation; there are plenty of creative ways of demonstrating its health benefits. For example, did you see our work with Evian where we built an adult playground in the middle of Sydney?contrex_4

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