Great Experiential Marketing: Cointreau’s hotel takeover


Liqueur brand, Cointreau, transformed a hotel in Manhattan into an experiential marketing activation that showcased its history to a new generation of young and fashionable influencers.


In a bid to appeal to a more hip crowd, Cointreau invited over 150 guests on an über chic Parisian journey centred on the 165-year-old French liqueur brand. Dubbed ‘La Maison Cointreau’, the immersive experience featured live music, a library of cocktail books and a cocktail bar to enlighten guests about the brand in a setting they won’t forget.

A28-foot tall orange tree served as the event’s centrepiece, and a faux marble bar top was set up around the base where Cointreau-infused cocktails were served. In line with the vintage feel of the activation, a Jazz band provided the soundtrack for the evening.cointreau_hotel_take_over_live_event_3

The hotel’s existing café was reimagined with Cointreau accents, including a dessert menu of sweet confections infused with Cointreau; the spread included chocolate Cointreau mousse, mini mandarin tarts, mini orange and pistachio bavarois, and orange Macaroons.cointreau_hotel_take_over_live_event_4

In the custom library, guests could read through a selection of Cointreau’s antique and historic cocktail books whilst a brand ambassador provided detailed information about the history of the Cointreau brand. Dispersed throughout the venue were specially printed broadsheet versions of the Cointreau brand guide book that guests could take home as a souvenir.cointreau_hotel_take_over_live_event_5

Cointreau’s campaign will see additional hotels being reimagined across the USA, including in San Francisco next month.

This experiential event for Cointreau takes us back to when we transformed a Georgian townhouse into a time machine for Perrier. Key bloggers, journalists and competition winners could enjoy a theatrical journey through the history of Perrier and cocktails, guided by none other than Dr Perrier himself. Read more about our experiential activation for Perrier here.

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