Chilsung Cider’s magical wish vending machine


South Korea’s beverage manufacturer Lotte Chilsung got people jumping for…well, soda, in this quirky experiential marketing activation.


To get people talking about its new line of soda, ‘Chilsung Cider’, Lotte Chilsung installed a drinks vending machine with an unexpected (and literal) twist in the waiting room of Seoul’s major railway station, Yong-San.


The prices on its drinks were stated as ‘Free’, but when the eager shoppers tapped to get their complimentary drink, the vending machine was seemingly unresponsive.

That was until suddenly the vending machine and the ground on which its customers were stood twisted around, transporting them into a different room.


Hanging from the ceiling were dozens and dozens of bottles of Chilsung Cider, and a digital screen on the wall informed them of their ‘mission’: they had 30 seconds to bounce on the trampoline and reach up and grab a bottle. If they were victorious, celebrations ensues, complete with confetti and music.

On these bottles, people could then write a wish. All of the wishes were collected up by Chilsung and seven of the wishes were granted.

The campaign went on for just 7 days, and over 7,000 people took part.

This experiential activation reminds us of The North Face’s changing rooms which also pivoted around to transport its customers into a room full of adventure (and was also orchestrated in South Korea).

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