Great Experiential Marketing: C&A’s Fashion Lock


To celebrate the launch of its collection signed by Calvin Klein’s designer Francisco Costa, fashion retailer C&A pulled off this nice social media experiential campaign in Brazil. 


C&A encouraged its customers to get talking about the brand on Facebook by displaying five exclusive pieces on locked hangers in its flagship store. The hanger would unlock once the piece that hung on them acquired a secret number of likes on Facebook.C_A_Fashion_Lock_Guerrilla_Marketing_Interactive_Social_Media_2C_A_Fashion_Lock_Guerrilla_Marketing_Interactive_Social_Media_3

Customers were encouraged to head to the Fashion Lock Facebook app, and the savvy shoppers who clicked ‘like’ on the look received an e-key that unlocked the hanger. Throwing a fun competitive element into the mix, the first to arrive at the store and scan the e-key on the hanger received the exclusive piece for free. What a great campaign for those who like a challenge!  And of course, everyone loves free things – so why wouldn’t they take a chance and like the look on Facebook?C_A_Fashion_Lock_Guerrilla_Marketing_Interactive_Social_Media_4C_A_Fashion_Lock_Guerrilla_Marketing_Interactive_Social_Media_5

With this nice piece of experiential marketing, C&A’s five pieces acquired the same exclusivity as designer labels with the brand persuading customers to regard its wares in the same way they would Calvin Klein’s. At the same time, C&A significantly built its social media presence via user generated content.

Take a look at how C&A orchestrated this experiential campaign in the video:

We also spotted another fun campaign this week which uses an unconventional form of currency; travellers in Northern Japan could pay for their train fare using KitKat packaging!  This experiential campaign comes as part of Nestlé’s efforts to encourage tourism in the Sanriku region, which was destroyed by the tsunami and earthquake three years ago.

The brand has also kitted out two trains and two train stations with cherry blossom paintings to symbolize hope.kitkat_japan_packaging_as_train_fare_experiential_marketing

We love the idea of turning currency on its head for experiential marketing purposes! Did you hear about Marc Jacobs’ Tweet Shop where customers could buy goods with tweets, or Birds Eye’s Instagram restaurant?

Or how about the controversial The Walking Dead Blood Store where customers could buy Walking Dead merchandise with their own blood?!

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