Great Experiential Marketing: Buzzing about honey beer

Honey Beer creates buzz with bee-shaped beer drones. Taiwan Beer found a way to get people excited about their new Honey Beer.


Through this experiential marketing campaign, which saw bee-shaped drones flying through the sky.This activation got people buzzing about a brand new product with a quirky idea and expert execution.

The bee-shaped drones announced the delivery of the six-packs of Honey Beer (which was brewed with local honey) to help quench the thirst of office workers.

The campaign was a huge success with 15,000 people signing up for the service in under a fortnight, and the launch sales were four times greater than previous launches. The product certainly created a buzz, with the ‘Honey Beer’ becoming renowned before it had even been released.  

There was also a pretty nifty social element to the campaign using Google Street View, where people could superimpose bees onto their office locations when they requested a bee-beer delivery, letting them share the map image on social. Drone_Beer_2

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