Buxton Water takes over the London Marathon


Buxton Water certainly made its presence known on the day of the London Marathon this year with a simple but effective takeover stunt.


To highlight Buxton Water as the official London Marathon drinks sponsor, London’s Canada Water tube station was renamed Buxton Water. 


Branded artwork was placed throughout the station by the brand to celebrate those taking part in the race, using the hashtag #withyoualltheway. 

By renaming the tube station, the brand raised awareness of not only its commitment to the prominent event but also of the importance of drinking enough water to both runners and commuters.  

This is a great marketing story and a really simple activation, but we can’t help but feel sorry for the tourists who probably spent the day going back and forth on the Jubilee line looking for Canada Water! That said however, station announcements, information boards and Dot Matrix Indicators on the Jubilee line platforms made efforts to advise passengers that the name change was temporary.

As part of Buxton Water’s sponsorship of the London Marathon, it was also on hand to provide free drinks to thirsty runners taking part in the race and also to the passengers using the newly-named station.

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