Great experiential marketing: Burger King’s whopper apartment


It’s the apartment of some people’s dreams; complete with a spacious bedroom with fitted wardrobes, a bright and airy bathroom, a beautiful city view.


Not forgetting a Burger King restaurant as your kitchen!

People looking for an apartment to rent in Spain were in for a big surprise thanks to Burger King. As part of promotions for the launch of its delivery service in Spain – the idea behind which is ‘Now your home is the home of The Whopper’ – Burger King showed unsuspecting apartment-seekers around The Whopper Apartment.

The ‘Estate Agent’ led them through the apartment with the usual sales spiel, and casually revealed the kitchen-cum-Burger King restaurant much to the surprise and delight of her clients. Their reactions were initially of bewilderment but gradually turned into laughter and delight – many a’ laughing fit followed.

This reminds us of Airbnb’s various experiential endeavors this year: did you see the KLM aeroplane for rent or how about the IKEA showroom?

Burger King’s arch rival McDonald’s is also no stranger to experiential marketing. Earlier this year the fast food chain surprised its drive-thru customers with quirky characters in its eccentric McDrive Surprise campaign.

For more cool ideas on how to use experiential marketing for food brands take a look at our special blog post all about it here.

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