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Arrow Film’s head in the fridge prank

By Joss Davidge

Arrow Films gave visitors at Vue cinemas a ‘chilling’ shock to promote the release of the new ‘The Voices’ film.


A fridge was placed in the cinema foyer that supposedly contained free drinks, and this incentive lured plenty of people to open.

What they didn’t know, however, was that the fridge contained a live head.Immediately screaming things like “Hi! Please be my friend!” the head both terrifies and amuses everyone who opens the fridge. 

The prank brought to life the key themes of the black comedy film about a man (Ryan Reynolds) who experiences severe hallucinations.

It delivered a memorable interaction with the film’s target audience who would undoubtedly generate chatter on social media. the_voices_2

This fridge prank was part of a larger campaign which involved 1,000 phone kiosks, TV, social media, student-focused targeting, postcards and press.

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