Ardberg’s futuristic anniversary celebrations


Whisky brands tend to opt for vintage-themed events, Scotch Whisky brand Ardberg decided to look to the future with its anniversary celebrations this year.


In a quirky turn of events, the brand decided to celebrate 200 years in the future—2215 – on its 200th anniversary. 


As a nod to the Ardbeg mascot Shortie – a Jack Russell terrier that lives at the distillery in Islay – guests could race robot dogs in a futuristic spin on the competitive field-day-style games that tend to take place on the annual Ardberg Day in Scotland.


Bartenders added extra smoky flavours to the cocktails with a futuristic device called a Haar machine. The high-tech carafe, developed especially for Ardbeg, used sound waves to turn whiskey into vapor, or mist, without heating it. In addition to the visual effect, the smokiness reflects the foggy atmosphere of Islay, the Scottish island where Ardbeg is made.

And a local artist was also on hand to paint a figure dubbed “Ardie the Robot” in homage to the brand.


Ardberg clearly sees itself standing the test of time, and as a brand with longevity, and this futuristic event was a great way to demonstrate and celebrate that.

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