Anti-football can & a tiny football pitch


Football: you either love it, or you don’t. But one thing is certain; you simply can’t escape it at the moment.


That being the case, drinks brand Orangina took matters into its own hands with its ‘Anti-foot’ can.

From the brand’s research, it was ascertained that 37 million French women and men have absolutely no interest in football, despite it being all over the media. With this in mind, Orangina enabled its customers to stage a quiet rebellion against what they identified to be the “football dictatorship”.

Recognising an opportunity to reach out to this sizeable group of football refuseniks Orangina created the very first can that can covertly switch off every single football game in the vicinity. Clever stuff!

Having a dig at the masses is a risky approach, but it’ll certainly get people talking, much in the way that Coca Cola’s cinema slurpers stunt and Ricola’s cough concert did.

Other brands, however, are loving the current football hype!

Herta®, for one, executed a nice football-related vending machine activation in Belgium. Herta® installed a vending machine that offered football-shaped meat balls for free in a busy train station.

However, unbeknownst to volunteers, was the fact that they were required to play against Belgian football legend Leo Van Der Elst inside the vending machine! Check out how the hilarious ‘matches’ pan out on the teeny tiny pitch:

Car giant Audi also decided to get in on the World Cup action. The brand built a 40 foot high LED “Soccer Scoreboard” using 28 Audi A8 cars and 45 shipping containers on an industrial site in Greenpoint so that Manhattanites could see the results across the river:

Many more brands are cashing in on World Cup marketing opportunities; Joss recently blogged over on Marketing Society about these 3 clever World Cup ambush ideas from Paddy Power, Telus and Sportsbet.

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