Creating stunts and stand out one-off campaigns in 2012


There have been some fantastic, eye-catching stunts carried out by brands this year. 

As the flow of news and information across the world is now almost instantaneous.

Marketers are realising that they often have to react quicker than ever in order to piggy-back on an event or revelation.  Reacting quickly is one thing but brands also have to gauge the public mood and not overstep the mark – for example American Apparel was slated for tactlessly using Superstorm Sandy as an opportunity to increase profits earlier in the year.  Here are some of the great reactions and one-off stunts we’ve come across this year that got people talking.

The one that really got us talking in 2012:

As social media grows in importance it seems more brands are starting to see the value in taking part in a dialogue rather than just shouting about what they do and hoping people are listening. In October Bodyform responded to a witty comment left on the brand’s Facebook page with a sharp, fun, well-timed video. The comment and response went viral. Some have wondered if the whole thing was a cleverly manufactured campaign, but whether it’s real or not, it gets our vote!

Bodyform responseBodyform-commentOther campaigns that got us talking:

Sainsbury’s saucy positioning of 50 Shades of Grey50-Shades-of-Grey1-716425-edited

A Dramatic Surprise on a quiet streetLynx “Sorry Harry”Harry-708247-edited

VIVO Phone Booth MakeoversPhone-1 Phone-2phone-3phone-4

Paddy Power Olympic AmbushPaddy_Power_Olympic

Tropicana Sun Illuminates Trafalgar Square

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