Graham Wall: Three things I’m excited for in 2019


As my fantastic first year at Because draws to a close, here are the three key things I’m most looking forward to in 2019.

1. More of the extraordinary

We’re seeing change happen in the marketing industry at a greater pace than ever before, which, to my mind, is the same thing as saying it’s more fun and has more energy than ever before.


Our ‘Extraordinary Experiences’ positioning lets us take advantage of whatever’s next because it commits us to an approach, not a specific media. This saw us start the year investing heavily in our social strategy team and end it pioneering game-changing tools and approaches that allow us to influence the influencers. We’re starting next year with a similar investment in class-leading new talent heading up our Client Service and Customer Strategy teams, so I can’t wait to see them bring extraordinary to life like never before.

2. Independence having its day

Back in the noughties (and most definitely before), many clients prioritised the safety they felt the big networks gave them. Increasingly though, clients want excitement, innovation and cutting-edge creative, not process, process and more stifling process.


So, in 2019, I’m looking forward to this creative awakening continuing as clients realise the agencies who can be agile to their ever-changing needs – the agencies who are truly relentless in pursuit of extraordinary insights, ideas and service – are, more often than not, the independents.

3. More internal promotions for our people

2018 has been a key year for Because. We’ve overhauled our brand, changed our website, won our biggest-ever client and become truly full-service by integrating social strategy into the business.


And we’ve grown. Boy, have we grown. Of course, this means as the year has progressed, we’ve brought fantastic new people into the company. But the thing that gives me most pleasure is promoting from within. Because it shows that curiosity, an entrepreneurial spirit and constantly striving for excellence will be rewarded.

So, with exciting campaigns already in the pipeline for early next year, I can’t wait to reward our best and brightest for all their inspiration (and perspiration!) in 2019.

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I'm an award-winning entrepreneur, a passionate business mentor, and I believe that great things can happen when we work together to help others.