Good Day’s experiential activation raises smiles in India


A smile can be a very powerful thing. Even on the darkest day, a simple smile from a stranger can brighten up your day and make everything seem just that little bit better.

Britannia Good Day recently held an endearing experiential activation which sought to reinforce the brand’s association with smiles, bringing to life their “It’s a smile that makes a Good Day” tagline in a magical way.


Capitalising on their sponsorship of the 2016 Filmfare Awards, the brand set up a kiosk on the red carpet which connected famous Bollywood film stars with children studying in NGO run schools. The aim – to create an experience that would bring smiles to the faces of everyone involved.

On passing the stand, the actors were asked to spare a few minutes and smile at a specialist Good Day screen. A ‘smile-o-meter’ on the screen then measured the wideness of their smiles in points. These points were converted into Good Day cookies for onward distribution to the kids. The wider the stars smiled, the more cookies the school children received!


The stars were also encouraged to give out messages to the kids which were live streamed to TVs set up in the schools.

To give the children one more thing to smile about, the kiosk dispensed pre-prepared photographs of the children which were signed by the Bollywood actors and delivered to the schools along with the cookies.

See the smile-filled activation for yourself:

Tesco Lotus Express recently offered up a similarly uplifting campaign, delivering special surprises to workers in Bangkok. Both campaigns are great examples of how a simple but positive experiential stunt can bring a smile to people’s faces and deliver a strong brand message at the same time.

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