GO! Nike’s Reactland experience thrills runners in China


Anyone that grew up on a digital diet of Super Mario Bros and Sonic The Hedgehog will have no doubt dreamed of being the star of their very own video game.

And now a fun and unexpected stunt from Nike in China has provided just this opportunity, with an innovative experiential marketing approach that has completely transformed the mundanity of treadmill running.

To bring to life Nike’s new ‘Epic React’ model – described by the brand as bouncy, soft, light and durable –  the footwear provider has created a special experience that’s allowed shoppers to test drive its shoes for themselves on a treadmill with a big twist.

Lucky participants of Nike’s extraordinary new stunt have been transported to “Reactland” – a digital world in which they themselves are the main protagonists.

Arriving at specially-created and visually-impressive Nike Reactland in-store venues across China, consumers were each given a pair of the new sneakers to lace up before standing in front of a camera, where a digitised avatar of themselves was created on screen.

After setting foot on the treadmill in their new gear, they were then captivated by a giant screen in which they saw a pixelated version of themselves running and jumping across the most incredible landscapes – from beautiful forests to Egyptian deserts to city rooftops.

With the avatars’ speed powered by their very own footsteps on the treadmill, a handheld trigger let their characters jump over planes and other obstacles en route to the finish line.

Rolled out in selected Nike stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, Nike’s “Reactland” has undoubtedly won the attention of fans worldwide, and in the process has got folks talking about the new model and its bouncy benefits.

As well as clocking up plenty of positive coverage from the marketing and advertising press, the stunt has also been widely shared across social media thanks to all participants receiving a 10-second video of their gameplay that’s perfect for social platforms.

As this experience clearly proves, footwear brands are perfectly suited to deliver memorable and magical live brand experiences, and we’ve seen some great activations in recent years.

Reebok combined parkour style performances with 3D foot scanning in a pumped up pop-up that educated shoppers about their foot shape, and the brand also managed to get Korean commuters to work up a sweat while waiting for a subway in a fun exercise-themed stunt.

Elsewhere, Nike’s secret vending machine in New York surprised fans with free sports gear, and Adidas took fans to dizzying heights with an incredible Virtual Reality climbing experience.

As more and more brands’ eyes are opened up to the incredible and unique engagement opportunities that experiential marketing can provide, we’ll continue to keep you inspired with the very best brand experiences from around the world.

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