GNV’s experiential ads are buried treasure


Summer’s almost here! And we’re not the only ones that are excited about that prospect.

Travel companies worldwide are currently fighting to attract last-minute summer bookings with a host of competing marketing campaigns in full swing.


But with so many companies looking to grab consumers’ attention and holiday spend, something a little special is needed to stand out from the crowd.

Italian cruise company GNV recently did just that. To announce the launch of their new dog-friendly cabins, GNV has delivered a creative campaign that specifically targets dog owners … by creating advertisements for the dogs themselves.

Instead of posters and billboards, the brand turned a host of summer items into a very special 3D ad just for dogs. A miscellaneous selection of items were chosen including a snorkel, flippers, and a bucket and spade. These were all buried around a popular park in Milan for lucky dogs to find.

A few tempting treats were buried with them to attract the dogs. Once these items were retrieved by the plucky canines, the pet’s owners were able to read a message promoting the new ‘dog cabins.’


The simple but effective campaign has had a big impact. In the first two weeks alone, GNV saw a 24% increase in bookings and a 34% increase in web views on their site.

Similar to Hush Puppies’ adorable doggie brand ambassadors, this quirky approach is a great example of a brand putting a creative twist on traditional marketing.

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