A jazzy, art deco-themed event for the 50th Voyager New Zealand Media Awards

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The annual Voyager Media Awards encourages, showcases and acknowledges the best of New Zealand’s news media across all platforms. But for their 50th ceremony, we wanted to do something extraordinary.  

Our solution? A rich, bold awards show that got toes tapping and tongues wagging. Inspired by their specially designed logo, we organised an art deco-themed event with a jazzy feel.  

Guests were greeted with a jazz pianist in the foyer, an Instagram-ready media wall, and welcome drinks. 

Hollie Smith, and pianist Andy Keys, serenaded attendees with a slow Te Reo version of the iconic New Zealand song, Dave Dobbyn’s, Slice of Heaven. At the same time, a video on a giant screen showcased a poignant depiction of the past year in New Zealand. The video featured top finalist and winner video, photography, article and masthead content, covering everything from the parliament protests, COVID, the aged care crisis, and feel-good pieces like the Women’s Rugby World Cup win.  

We streamlined the event format to speed up proceedings while still taking the necessary time to honour the winners. Off-stage, a voiceover supported the finalists, runners up and winners as their work flashed across the big screen along with the judge’s comments, interspersed with some on-stage awards and banter between MCs Petra Bagust and Mike Puru.  

After dinner, it was time for the Major and Supreme awards, live on-stage, before we simmered down the night by transforming the room into a jazz lounge. Following the MCs’ memorable closing speeches, petit fours circulated on trays and a jazz duo performed. Guests had the opportunity to mingle, celebrating the commended, while the big screens and Tablehubs (the small screens in the centre of the tables) changed colour on cue.  

Extravagant and opulent, the 50th Voyager New Zealand Media Awards was a night to remember.

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