Future feels: The top 5 activations using AI 


Get ready to add to your swipe files: these AI activations are real-world, relevant and rockin’.

We get it: you’ve got AI fatigue. AI is everywhere, and honestly – we were also overwhelmed with all the talk of large language models and machine learning at the start.  

So, what changed? Great question. After a bit of head-scratching, lots of tinkering, and tapping into the intellectual horsepower of Because HQ, we realised that AI is a tireless work bestie – not a thieving job-stealer. As always, we’re proudly first adopters and techie geeks, so we jumped on the AI bandwagon. Our first success: using it to supercharge our in-house creative and production arm called Capture. The result: it’s like a radioactive spider for our Capture team – it has turned the creatives into superheroes. Seriously. Just without the spandex. 

Bottom line: AI does its best work when it’s paired with creative minds and unique strategies; that’s the golden thread that runs through all the five killer AI activations below.      

So, the next step is unlocking those simple-but-oh-so-smart ideas that are still the actual currency of marketing greatness. Use these examples for instant inspo: 

1. Heinz and AI-drawn Ketchup 
The Heinz marketing team based a campaign on asking OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 image creator to draw ketchup and sauce-based images. The result: most of the results came back with Heinz branding and signature bottle shape, which showed that their product is so synonymous with ketchup that even computers prefer it. They also cleverly followed it by asking people to draw their own (often hilarious) impressions.  

2. Google Flowers

Part artwork installation, part kinetic exhibit – but all brilliance. In Google’s office lobby in New York City, 160 electromechanical flowers hang from the ceiling. They use sensors and machine learning to react to the movement and gestures of visitors and pedestrians. During the day, the flowers bloom in two stages, and in the evening, their choreography is influenced by the people walking past the windows outside.

3. Jen AI and Virgin Voyages 
It’s a cheeky campaign that stars the real Jennifer Lopez and her AI version (Jen AI) to promote their luxury cruises. It starts with a commercial, but the brilliance is in the invitation customisation: customers can create a bespoke invite using the star’s voice and appearance to send to family and friends.  

4. The Shoe Mirror by Hello Monday/DEPT
Picture this: an empty store in a great location with lots of foot traffic. The Shoe Mirror is used to take over the storefront, turning it into a digital store with a screen. It can analyse what people are wearing that walk past, find matching shoes using AI, and put them ‘on’ the walkers through AR. It then provides a QR code for the customer to buy the shoes shown directly from the screen. It’s an interactive ad made better with AI. 

5. Kraft Peanut Butter AI 
This PB company has created an AI-powered platform that scans the bottom of empty PB jars and automatically orders and delivers a replacement on the same day. It turns the final PB scrapings into something scannable with the user’s phone camera. Once scanned, they get a QR code to finish the order.  

Kraft Peanut Butter AI 

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