From Peru with Love: The Greatest Coffee Adventure


We’ve just hosted our first international virtual coffee tasting, Flavours with Altitude by Promperu and our cups runneth over. Here’s what you missed.


Coffee is the lifeblood of the Because offices all around the world, and we know that we’re not the only company that’s fuelled by the intoxicating smell, taste, and caffeine kick of this liquid goodness.

So, when we hosted a one-hour virtual sensory journey on the 12th of November with the best coffee beans and baristas in the business, it made us, coffee buyers in Australia and New Zealand, and coffee connoisseurs around the world, very happy.

The exotic source of this happiness: Peru. This paradise is renowned for its biological diversity and unforgettable travel experiences, but they’re also the producer of some of the finest coffee in the world. Our exclusive digital journey, Flavours with Altitude, expertly guided participants through the unique taste, smells and sounds of Peru, and included live cupping sessions and insights from local growers. We also treated the first 70 people to register to a unique cupping kit with three different coffee bean varieties and a tasting guide to help them brew along with the barista. 65 boxes were sent out in Australia, and five in New Zealand. 

The end result: the attendees were taken on a virtual coffee journey that had real-life taste benefits. It started with a welcome from Mario Vargas, Trade Commissioner of Peru, and an industry update, before transporting the coffee buyers to the land of Peru to hear from Richard Jaramillo, Director of Facial Coffee, S.A.C.

Zest Coffee and IncaFé roasters provided insights into what makes Peruvian coffee beans so unique, followed by a live cupping session hosted by industry expert, Melissa Caia. Then the best part: guests could taste the three roasted coffee samples that were gifted ahead of the event. They were also able to chat and ask questions on the live Q&A, and we ran a competition to give away one-kilogram worth of pure coffee gold: the Peruvian speciality coffee beans. The winners had to answer a question via the live chat, and the first to answer won the prize. This drove interaction and it kept participants glued to their screens: the average view time was four hours!

If you missed out on this flavour adventure, an on-demand version of the event is available to view via the website.

If you’d like to turn a real-life, in-person event into a global digital experience like the one above, then the first thing you’ll need to do (after making a coffee, of course), is to draw a up a detailed brief. We can help here too.

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