Friday Five creative series – part 4


Inspiration can come from anywhere, so every other week I share my Friday Five, a curation of dots for you to connect.

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From transforming homes into experiential exhibitions to the soar of cyber style, here are my favourite ideas and insights that have kept me inspired over the last two weeks.

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Recommended by the lovely Steph Babin, this adorable couple shot to stardom after modelling outfits curated from the forgotten items that were left behind by their absent-minded laundrette customers. Their grandson & unofficial stylist set them up on Instagram after seeing how disheartened they were during lockdown, accidentally making them global style icons.

To read: Extraordinary Ideas Realised By James Turrell

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For over half a century, the legendary artist & avid pilot, James Turrell, has worked directly with light and space to create afferent art, using the sky as his inspiration, studio and canvas. His book, Extraordinary Ideas Realised dives into his creative process, his best sensorial exhibitions to date and hints at what to expect in his soon-to-be-launched Roden Crater, funded by Kanye West.

To listen to: Tarik Fontenelle on Creative Lives Podcast

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Co-founder of the strategic insight agency On Road and the lead strategist behind Nike’s Nothing Beats a Londoner campaign, Tarik Fontenelle expands on his mission to shift how the pioneering brands approach consumer research, in this Creative Lives episode.

“Brands are all the way up in the clouds, it’s hard for them to be connected to what goes on in the streets. We bring our clients as close to the narratives, the stories, the people in our research as possible. That enables an ability to story-tell and to make connections themselves.”

He dives into how he investigates the thoughts, passions and subcultures driving young people to help brands create campaigns that don’t add to the ‘advertising pollution’ and shares how he landed dream roles with brands like W+K, Apple and Boiler Room before he hit twenty.

To experience: TeamLab’s Flowers Bombing Home

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With art lovers house-bound all over the world, one of my favourite art collectives, TeamLab, has created a project that celebrates interconnectivity and explores a new way of experiencing interactive art. Flowers Bombing Home transforms your television into an ever-changing digital artwork, that brings to life a coalition of designs that can be created and submitted by anyone. Some viewers have even tried to replicate TeamLab’s immersive IRL exhibitions by projecting mapping the digital art onto their walls.

“The flowers that people draw around the world will bloom until the end of the coronavirus. When the coronavirus ends, perhaps they will bloom and scatter all at once in various places all over the world. And, in the future, the flowers will continue to bloom forever as an artwork for people to remember this era,” said teamLab in a statement.

To bookmark: The soaring cyber style

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As reality becomes more programmable, a new visual aesthetic is on the rise that collides the artificiality of the virtual world with the everyday. It encompasses glossy textures, holographic finishes, synthetic pastels, hyper-real products and inflated shapes and forms, that work together to reflect the interplay of the physical and digital.

My favourite campaign embodying this style so far is Superimpose’s ‘Login & Lace Up“, a rebrand that moved Zolando’s online presence into a quasi-physical space. Using expansive, science-fiction environments to create a utopian vision for the future of sneaker shopping, the futuristic designs attracted a new generation of sneakerheads.

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