Friday Five creative series – part 3


Inspiration can come from anywhere, so every other week I share my Friday Five, a curation of dots for you to connect.


From building a city inside an airport hanger, to blending tennis balls to make orange juice, here are my favourite ideas and insights that have kept me inspired over the last two weeks.

To follow: The Captivating World of Arben Vllasaliu

Kimberley isn’t a coalition of expressionism and surrealism, Arben’s 3D visuals taps into the oddly satisfying Insta-trend. Using his OCD to his advantage, he designs looping gifs of pure perfection that stir the imagination. Get lost in his feed, but don’t blame me when you realise you’ve done nothing else for a half an hour.

To watch: Behind The Scenes of Apple’s Iconic ‘Bounce’ Ad


Ever wondered how this stand-out ad was produced? Film Director, Oscar Husdon, released an exclusive video on his IGTV that revealed the fascinating methods he used to bring his vision to life. Interestingly, most of the effects were in-camera, made possible by taking over an entire airport hanger to create a city with hidden trampolines and vertical park benches.

To bookmark: Klarna’s Smooth Scenarios

A few months ago I tumbled down Behance’s nostalgic styling black hole and stumbled across Klarna’s brilliant new visual style. Creative agency, Snask, set out to create seven never-seen-before worlds, which would further define Klarna’s recent design leap, and speak to the brand’s uniquely “smoooth” transactions.

To think about: The Rise of Protective Fashion


From designer facemasks to dresses with 2-metre spikes, the fashion sector is embracing and experimenting with the shift towards crisis clothing. While activewear brands have already embraced anti-bacterial fabrics, labels within and outside of this space are exploring innovative new ways to create clothing collections of the future.

The first that caught my eye was Diesel’s seemingly ordinary Upfreshing Collection. They’ve revitalised everyday clothing with a layer of its proprietary Protector Shield, designed to be a barrier to harmful bacteria and microbes (which also means you get to wash the clothes less often).

And the other was Science-led clothing company Vollebak’s more abstract take on the trend. Winners of Time’s Best Inventions and Wired’s Gear of the Year, its Full Metal Jacket is made from 65% copper strands – a metal known for its virus-killing qualities. See their entirely creative collection of ocean shorts, colour changing clothes and solar-charged jackets here.

To admire: 2020’s iPhone Photography Awards


Making me question my Canon purchase last year, Apple’s iPhone Photography Awards is shining a spotlight on some breathtaking images from 13 iPhone users. All the images featured were all shot and edited using Apple’s built-in camera features alone.

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