Friday Five creative series – part 2


Inspiration can come from anywhere, so every other week I share my Friday Five, a curation of dots for you to connect.


From buying shoes with your heartbeat to floating in bubbles made from everyday objects, here are my favourite ideas and insights that have kept me inspired over the last two weeks.

To follow: Self-Shooter, Model and Creative Director, Kimberly Douglas


Kimberley isn’t waiting to be discovered. She’s taking her fate into her own hands by creating, styling, shooting and modelling all of her own content. Her feed is full of inspiring, low-cost ideas, and behind the scenes content that shows how she creates these sets from everyday items at home.

To watch: Adobe Stock Film Fest


Putting the lockdown craze of melancholic montages to shame, Adobe has launched its Stock Film Fest, which tasked 10 boundary-pushing filmmakers from all over the world to produce a film in under five days to show what the future of creativity looks like to them. Beautifully showcasing how you can produce thought-provoking art without even touching a camera, each film recontextualises existing imagery to give them a totally different meaning.

To read: Nike’s Air Max AR Zine


AKQA’s new project for Nike Japan invites Air Max fans to put their own spin on the iconic product, with an AR-enabled zine that allows them to create and edit custom 3D designs in real-time. Created as a way of establishing a sense of community in lieu of the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the zine showcases the work of a selection of Japanese creatives and allows its readers to customise their own Air Max in the air with AR technology and share their creations online.

To think about: How Gen Z Are Reshaping The Offline World

In the wake of Ok Boomer, there’s a lot of generational tension between Generation Z and Baby Boomers, with Gen Z owning the online and the Boomers owning the offline. But that’s about to change.

Regenerative Futures, a four-year social change initiative launching this September, is closing the intergenerational gap by igniting powerful partnerships between the two in the real world. Whether you are an artist or an activist, a teacher or a technologist, a poet or a politician, a student or a sociologist, if you have an early-stage innovation for building a regenerative future, Regenerative Futures wants to hear it, share it, and support it.

They’re assembling the Regenerative List of 100 talented young pioneers around the world who will be supported by a UN mentor to help them develop and elevate their ideas offline. Launching this September.

To Admire: Heartbeats 4 Sneakers Campaign


From Adidas Originals to Air Jordans, the search for that unique pair of footwear has exploded over the years, with thousands of ‘sneakerheads’ participating in product drops to get their hands on one of the latest pairs. There’s just one problem. Bots have taken over, with close to 100% of traffic on hyped trainer releases coming from bots so they can be resold at several times their retail value.

So, Highsnobiety and Klarna teamed up to create Heartbeats 4 Sneakers, a first-of-its-kind product drop that tackled this issue by only allowing users with a heartbeat to enter. The collection raffled off five of the last decade’s most sought-after trainers to true sneaker lovers, who entered with their heartbeat by placing their fingertip on their phone’s camera lens which measured your pulse with BPM technology.

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