Freshpet serves up a product sampling surprise


Product sampling is generally a nice experience. It’s a chance for a brand to offer a trial of a new product to a select group of people, gathering their valuable feedback along the way. 

Below is an example that proves that great product sampling has the power to change even the strongest of perceptions.


It’s usually a lot of fun for all involved. But not always.

Pet food company Freshpet, in conjunction with ShareAbility, recently flipped the idea of sampling on its head by encouraging a group of unsuspecting people to eat dog food.

The end result makes for very funny viewing.

The gourmet burgers, tacos and meatballs are sublimely presented and apparently taste even better. Just perfect, says one tester. Exquisite, is how another describes the experience.

And when the big reveal takes place, the majority of the testers are generally pretty unfazed. Sure, a couple seem less than impressed, but most are willing to continue enjoying eating their meals.


It’s a fun take on product sampling and the brand experience that provides some tasty soundbites along the way for a brand that trades off its fresh and natural ingredients. And it proves once again that great product sampling has the power to change even the strongest of perceptions.

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