Fresh Fridays Part 2


A roundup of our creative team’s favourite inspiring, crazy and super fresh finds this month. Enjoy!


We do a LOT of research when we’re working on a brief for one of our amazing clients. Needless to say, we come across some very inspiring, crazy and super cool stuff. There are some incredibly talented people out there!

These folks inspire us to do the work we do, and we thought they might inspire you too. So, our very own team of Creative gurus have committed to sharing a few of their favourite finds once a month to help keep those creative juices flowing.

Today’s Fresh Friday’s selection is brought to you by the one and only Maeve Wadsworth from Because AUS. Enjoy!

Exquisite broken-glass portraits by swiss artist, Simon Berger

Swiss artist, Simon Berger, creates while he destroys, a process I find both fascinating and mesmerising. This carpenter by trade uses a hammer and a chisel to intentionally shatter glass panes into unique works of art (sounds rather therapeutic, hey!?). Each ‘whack’ results in exquisite spider web-like cracks and breaks that ultimately form incredibly detailed portraits designed to play with light and reflection. He calls the transparent lines in the glass “morphogenesis.” If you had to Google that (like I did) it means “the generation of form – how a cell or organism develops its shape”. Not something I’d recommend trying at home.

@kein’s kudos to euphoric images and nothingness

@Kein is my new favourite IG follow. The profile is “a self-proclaimed ‘NO’ to ordinariness. It is Kudos to Euphoric Images and Nothingness.”


If you want to break up your Instagram feed from the blur of COVID, babies, food porn and regurgitated memes, @Kein keeps things creative through a collection of abstract aesthetics that are subversive yet pleasing to the eye. Peppered with collabs with the likes of BVLGARI, but also local artists, photographers, and eccentric brands – @Kein explores every corner of the abstract mind, keeping the follower hooked on their unique, creative, sometimes risqué and occasionally bizarre feed. Take a look.

‘you can’t ask that’ – a tv series that answers the question you’ve always been afraid to ask

You ‘Can’t Ask That’ is an Australian TV series that asks minority Australian populations “the most outrageous and uncomfortable questions to uncover the truth behind what it’s like for marginalised and misunderstood Australians.”

The series asks the controversial questions you’ve secretly contemplated but have always been too embarrassed or afraid to vocalize. There’s something thrilling in investigating the taboo, which is half the intrigue of ‘You Can’t Ask That’. The producers do a superb job of revealing the perspectives of the disenfranchised members of society; people of short stature, the polyamorous, Indigenous Australians, the terminally ill (a guaranteed tearjerker) and many more. It’s intriguing, insightful, eye-opening and educating and I feel every human should give it a watch.

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A proud Kiwi, living in Sydney with my English husband and two Aussie kids. An avid fan of music festivals, and keen ocean swimmer; I relish connecting talented people, and seeing the magical results they create for clients.