Flavours with Altitude: A Virtual Coffee Journey at Great Heights


A sensory journey that will guide you through the unique taste, smell and sound of the speciality coffee, Coffees from Peru have to offer. 


Peru, home to more than 5000 archaeological sites, rich in biological diversity and pure paradise for any adventurer and explorer. A country with pretty impressive creds, but it doesn’t stop there, because Peru is also the proud producer of some of the very best coffee in the world.

Have we piqued the curiosity of your inner coffee snob?

Then join us for Flavours with Altitude, a virtual coffee journey we’ve had the privilege of working on with Coffees from Peru. Hosted by a renowned barista, the hour-long sensory journey will guide you through the unique taste, smell and sound specialities Coffees from Peru have to offer with a live cupping session and insights from one of the local growers.

We’ll get grinding at 9:30am to 10:30am (AEDT) and 11:30am – 12:30pm (NZDT) on Thursday the 12th of November. The event is global, but the first 70 people in ANZ to register will receive a cupping kit with three coffee bean varieties and a tasting guide so they can brew along with the barista.

Register here to experience the rich, unique quality of Peruvian coffee. Looking forward to ‘seeing’ all you coffee connoisseurs there!

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