Raising the bar: 5 of our best experiential alcohol campaigns


We toast the smartest, most engaging experiential marketing by alcohol brands. Cheers to these five brand winners!


When it comes to crafting unique, live experiences that customers love, the alcohol brands have long been pioneers and gamechangers. Deciding this final list was tough, as we did a similar round-up almost a decade ago, and there’s been plenty of boozy brilliance since then (we’ve even created our own innovative beer campaign). However, we poured ourselves a drink and started judging. These campaigns took top honours.

1. Billboard with benefits: Carlsberg’s billboard with a beer font.

It’s so simple, but yet so effective: Carlsberg erected a poster in East London that dispensed free beer, and the poster itself said: “Probably the best poster in the world”, which ties in beautifully with their slogan. I mean, come on, free beer – it’s not exactly a hard sell. If you find yourself walking past Shoreditch’s Truman Brewery, how could you resist having a cheeky half-pint while strolling past the billboard?

2. Language-teaching vending machine: Corona’s Limonada test

To help launch their new Hard Seltzer lemonade and celebrate the brand’s Mexican roots, Corona partnered with learning-language platform Duolingo to create a voice-activated vending machine. If customers asked for a ‘limonada’ (Spanish term for lemonade) correctly, they got a free sample, if they got it wrong – they got a premium Duolingo subscription, a big customer benefit either way (and brand win overall).

3. Tinnie hurling beer sport: Bulter’s ‘Tins of Glory’

Bars are filled with games and competitiveness, and that’s where Balter created a stroke (or a pour) of genius: they created their own bespoke beer game to help promote their beers at venues. These smart brewers call it tinny hurling, and it’s like the Olympic sport of curling – but with beers. Watch out darts and pool, tinny hurling is coming!

4. Hidden pop-up gin bar: Hendrick’s ‘ATM’ speakeasy

Hendricks Secret Gin bar

This ain’t a normal speakeasy, you enter through a fake ATM door (in this case, Automated Transport to the Marvellous), and then you are treated to a whole bespoke experience inside a bank vault-themed, botanical-influenced bar. Best of all: your money is of no use, as you got two free G&Ts with the experience. It’s not the first portal they’ve created (they’ve also done laundrette and phonebox versions), but this one is our favourite by far.

5. Seapoint Artois: Stella Artois does al fresco dining


The problem: New York’s foodie season was extra busy, and tables were impossible to find. Solution: Stella extended table service for restaurants by partnering with a restaurant relief organisation to create an exclusive, pop-up outdoor seapoint restaurant space. The food: unique takes on NY pizza, crafted by five renowned chefs, and of course, paired with Stella Artois, some excellent desserts, and a DJ soundtrack. It fitted in perfectly with Stella’s campaign slogan, ‘Your table is ready,’ and it offered a brand-new dining experience in one of the world’s most famous food capitals.


Ready to cut through all the marketing noise? People are back in bars and restaurants, and brands need to provide something unique to gain the right attention of the people you want, at the right time. We’re here if you need a partner to craft an experience that raises the bar. We’re ready to toast to your success!

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