Finding financial zen: Milford’s ‘Do Active’ summer series

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A free yoga pop-up roadshow that helped Kiwis strike the balance between wellness and wealth. 

Milford, a New Zealand-owned specialist investment firm, is on a mission to get Kiwis to really consider their finances – with a special focus on its innovative KiwiSaver offering. Unlike most investment firms, Milford recognises the key role that financial wellness plays in the overall well-being of its customers. 

With a new year comes promises of fresh starts, ditching bad habits and kickstarting new, healthy ones – the perfect time to encourage people to make their financial well-being top of mind. But, let’s be real, financial goals don’t always claim top spot on people’s lists. 

Our challenge? We needed to get Kiwis to consider their financial health along with their physical and mental wellness, injecting an element of fun into the process. The solution was elegantly simple. Teaming up with New Zealand Media & Entertainment (NZME) and Milford, we conceptualised and executed the Milford ‘Do Active’ summer series: an immersive yoga pop-up roadshow that went beyond just perfecting your tree pose.  
Do Active is a nod to their investment strategy / active investing as well as being physically active in terms of how we collectively designed the event and want we want all Kiwis to embrace. 

Do Active

The ‘Do Active’ series treated Kiwis to a free morning yoga session coupled with great coffee and chill chats with Milford KiwiSaver experts on all things investing, encouraging all to get body, mind and finances fit. 

From Mount and Whangamatā to Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, Kiwis rolled out their yoga mats and soaked up the sun. This was followed by family fun, complimentary coffee and money talk with our team of experts, where financial chats flowed as naturally as the yoga poses. To drive sign up and elevate excitement, every registering yogi was automatically entered into a draw to win a NZ$500 investment fund.  

The result? The summer series not only stretched our audience’s bodies, but expanded their financial mindset and grew the Milford community. We helped break free from the traditional constraints of financial conversations, making them as refreshing as a sunrise yoga session.  

Do Active

In a world dominated by digital experiences, it goes to show the power of in-person connections. After all, nothing beats the warmth of the sun on your face as you embark on the path to financial wellness.  

Interested in exploring how we can unlock your brand’s potential? Well, we have a few strategic moves up our sleeves 😉 Reach out and let’s get the ideas flowing. 


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