Fairy’s world’s largest cake sculpture


We all know that the Christmas period is a time for over-indulgence, but a two ton 12 x 10 metre cake is a bit excessive…


As part of the annual Bake-A-Wish® fundraising effort for the charity Make-A-Wish and to break the Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Cake Sculpture, Fairy baked a colossal cake that could be tucked into at Westfield Shepherds Bush Shopping Centre for a suggestion donation of £1.


But what’s cake got to do with washing up liquid, I hear you cry? The humongous cake was eaten by 12,000 lucky shoppers at the shopping centre and Fairy aimed to wash up all of their dirty cake plates with just one 870ml bottle of Fairy Original washing up liquid.

The cake sculpture was named victorious by the Guinness World Records after Westfield shoppers flocked to the cake in their droves – and Fairy indeed washed up all 12,000 of their dirty cake plates with just one 870ml bottle of Fairy Original washing up liquid.


That’s a whole lot of washing, with not a lot of washing up liquid. What a way to demonstrate your product promise whilst also contributing to a good cause!

Fancy making yourself a cake of this grandeur (don’t we all?)? Here’s what you’d need…

  • 520 kg of wheat flour 
  • 520 kg of caster sugar 
  • 8,360 eggs (which is more than nine hens will lay in a lifetime)
  • 668 kg of icing sugar (which is heavier than a male cow)
  • 417 kg of Margarine and butter (which is almost 2,000 times more than used in Mary Berry’s Victoria sandwich recipe)
  • 13.94 kg of evaporated milk (which is heavier than 16 870ml bottles of Fairy Liquid)
  • 8.5 kg of vanilla essence (which would fill 85 100ml bottles of Chanel No. 5)

The activation was launched by Amanda Holden, who was evidently rushed off her feet this Christmas – she was also at Disney’s ‘Have A Go At Let It Go’ activation for Frozen.

If you like this cake-themed activation, you’ll love this edible handbag stunt from International Culinary Center.

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