Giving the holiday from hell experience in the airport


Don’t worry, even though this is an experiential stunt for Yovis Viaggio, a brand of traveller’s diarrhoea medicine, this video is totally safe to view at work!

To capture the attention of travellers, Yovis Viaggio played a prank on unsuspecting toilet-goers in Milan airport.

Once in a cubicle, the brand swapped around the main toilet doors, to effectively trap its ‘victims’ in the loo.  Confusion ensured and they were released only after having had the clear message “Don’t get stuck in the toilet during your holiday – take Yovis Viaggio with you” displayed on their escape route.yovisviaggio

This was an interesting way of demonstrating the product and there are some great reactions on the video.  However, brands have to tread carefully when it comes to prankvertising – the brand message must be at the very heart of the activity and not lost in a bid to simply turn heads. What do you think?

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