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A free ride home – socially responsible experiences

By Joss Davidge | 2013-06-28

We've seen a couple of nice campaigns recently that encourage people to stay off the road when they have had a drink. 


Antarctica’s Beer Turnstile campaign, which featured in our business director’s regular blog slot on the Marketing Society, is a nice example of a brand actively keeping consumers off the road in an imaginative way that aligns itself with the true spirit of the brand.  Then we had the Belgian breathalyser barrier – another interesting experiential campaign designed to keep drink drivers off the road.

Here is another similar idea from an Austrian beer brand.  Bottles of Stiegl beer were created with a free public transportation ticket attached to the side.  Being a socially responsible brand is not only right, but it also helps build genuine trust and loyalty from consumers. Gone are the days where brands could be fully in control of their own messaging, now with social media and the internet the consumer is much more free to make up their own mind. Standing out as a socially responsible and smart thinking brand is a great way to get people talking and build real relationships.

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